Swimming Pool Solar Heating Swimming Pool Solar Panels Swimming Pool Solar Heating Swimming Pool Solar Panels
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    Material used is guaranteed against any pool chemical

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    The most effiecant way to heat your pool is through solar power

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Technospa is the leading spa and bath manufacturer in South Africa. With the huge demand of pool equipment in South Africa we acknowledge the huge gap in the market and therefore decided to manufacture pool products as well. Technospa is the only company in South Africa with a roto molding plant that allows us to manufacturer our own swimming pool filter and don’t need to use sub contractors. At this moment we manufacture pool filters, solar panels, and other components used in the pool and spa industry.

Why Techno Solar Panels?

Swimming Pool Solar Panels

The unique design uses the maximum efficiency of the sun. The panel is designed that you get heat from the sun and heat from the roof. This allows the water in the panel to heat up quicker allowing your pool to heat quicker as well. The panel is designed in such a way that you never have to replace a panel again.

Solar Heating

Swimming Pool Solar Heating

With the high price of electricity it is just common sense to use the power of the sun to heat up your pool. By using solar panels you can increase the usage of your pool up to 8 months a year.

Most pool owners experience their investment being too cold to swim even though the days are sunny and hot. Read More

Solar Blankets

Swimming Pool Solar Blankets

With heat loss during the night it is much better to use a solar blanket on the pool. You don’t have to wait for the pool to  heat up during the day. The blanket keeps most of the heat in the pool. The blanket also help to heat the pool so you get an higher water tempreture. Read More

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